• A Brief Description About Cutting Hand Tools
    A Brief Description About Cutting Hand Tools May 27 , 2016
    Cutting tools are a common requirement in home improvement projects. Many simple hand tools cut wood and other materials by using physical force for undertaking such tasks. A handsaw is the most frequently used tool for cutting wood, there are different kinds of handsaws to be used depending on type of job. Axes used for splitting wood are used as an alternative to chainsaws for felling ...
  • Garden Hand Tools To Make Your Life Easier
    Garden Hand Tools To Make Your Life Easier May 27 , 2016
    Maybe that should actually read, garden tools that every gardener should have to make your life easier. And I'm sure after going over some of the "must have" garden tools, you'll probably be thinking, "well, what about this tool or that tool?" And your opinion may differ from what’s being presented here but that's ok,forge.  Just like gardens, the selection of garden tools is according to eac...
  • Woodworking Hand Tools in the Modern Shop
    Woodworking Hand Tools in the Modern Shop May 27 , 2016
    Way back, before the dawn of time, woodworkers used hand tools. It was slow going but, since it was before the "dawn of time," nobody noticed. Then, clocks were invented and power tools were born. Still, there remained the traditionalists who believed in the inherent satisfaction that came with their blisters. Eventually an accord was reached. Power tool users agreed that those who preferred hand ...
  • Hand Tools You Need To Make Your Life Beautiful
    Hand Tools You Need To Make Your Life Beautiful May 27 , 2016
    Every home needs hand tools of some kind. You might need a hand tool to put a picture up on your wall, or tighten up a very loose faucet, or possibly put up a garden host hanger outside.   These are handy because they save you time and the job will be better. I will talk about the most basic tools that everyone needs around the house,forge.   Pliers: this is also very handy hand tool to ...
  • Different Types Of Hand Tools And Their Uses
    Different Types Of Hand Tools And Their Uses May 27 , 2016
    There are many choices when it comes to hand tools. A tool can be found for things such as woodworking and garden. Hands tools have been used for thousands of years and have evolved over time into more useful items that helps get a particular job done.   Woodworking is usually done with specialized items such as planes and things of this type as well as standard items such as a hammer and saw...
  • A Handyman's Guide on Tool Safety Jun 02 , 2016
    Always be aware that all tools are potentially dangerous, especially to young children who should never be allowed in or around the workshop. Keep tools locked away when not in use both for safety and as a security precaution.   Hand Tools   Wear appropriate clothing. Loose fitting clothes, jewellery, ties and long hair are dangerous around moving machinery. Wear goggles when using strik...
  • Everything You Need to Know About Buying Hand Tools Jun 07 , 2016
    Ever since man has been around, he has used tools to make his tasks easier. Over time, these tools became simpler to use and consequently, reduced the amount of effort man had to exert in order to finish the job. Today hand tools and the like are being used by almost every industry, especially the ones that work with wood. Even though wood is easy to cut and can be molded into a variety of beautif...
  • Garden Hand Tools - Types and Uses Jun 08 , 2016
    Gardening is a tool-intensive work that requires the usage of pertinent gardening hand tools. With the right tools for gardening, you can make even the most hard, back-breaking work simple and easy-to-do. So, pick from various types of garden tools and equipment based on your needs and purposes. Some of the useful lawn and garden tools you need to have are:   Shovels: These lawn and garden eq...
  • Basic Hand Wood Tools Jun 12 , 2016
    The beginning woodworker is sometimes confused about what wood tools are needed as there are so many to choose from. My advice is: Don't rush out and buy any tools recommended as a 'starter kit' unless you have an immediate task to use those tools on. This article provides a basic list of useful hand woodworking tools with a short description of how to use them. To determine which to buy, check yo...
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