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Lots Of Experiences In Import And Export, We Can Provide all kinds of FORGE tools, SELECT hardware etc.

CNBM MATERIAL CO., LTDBy virtue of China’s advantage in manufacturing, Hardware & Tools Department has established many internationally competitive brands such as FORGE tools, SELECT hardware, after more than 10 years efforts. With ”integration domestically and distribution abroad” as its guiding principle, the Department is not only acting as a product integrator for CNBMI Australia and CNBMI Papua New Guinea, but also setting up a sales network in USA, Europe, South Pacific and etc. In 2005, CNBM MATERIAL established a base in Hangzhou capable of designing, purchasing, manufacturing, packing, warehousing and distributing, which helps improve product design, integration, quality control and distribution. Supported by the strong industrial background of China National Building Material Group Corporation, CNBM MATERIAL is endeavored to become the first class product integrator and trading service provider with its strength in supply chain management and intensive distribution based on its mature distribution network and professional logistics service.  
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    Forge-tools has been certificated by SGS in import and export transaction.We  work with reliable and reputable suppliers,and we have the import and export qualification.


    Immediate availability: we stock our products in Hangzhou warehouse so you don’t need to wait for production


    CNBM MATERIAL CO., LTD is engaged in the import & export, domestic trade, re-export and bonded transfer of building materials, hardware, chemical products, electronic products, textiles, coal and mineral resources. CMBMIT is awarded “Grade AA Enterprise with High Credit Rating” by the Customs and has established long-term and stable relationship with the world’s top 500 enterprises such as Sony, Mitsubishi, Saint-Gobain, China Telecom, China Netcom, Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines in the United States.

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160MM(6) Combination Pliers Wholesale Price
160MM(6") Combination Pliers
  Product Information     Materials:Medium carbon steel 45, black and yellow PVC combination molded grip     Weight:TPP0481: 215g     SIZE:  160MM(6")                     Quality:Bulk heat treatment hardness HRC52-66, head sheared jaw hardness HRC40-50     Finish / Color:Head polished finish for rust-proof/ PANTONE yellow 116C     Size Details:TPP0481: Full length 165mm, head width 25mm, thickness 10mm                         Others:German-pier type, blister thickness 0.4mm Code Barcode Packaging Shipper Qty Size TPP0481 9328675012953 Double Blister 60 EACH 160MM(6") TPP0483 9328675012960 Double Blister 60 EACH 175MM(7") TPP0485 9328675012977 Double Blister 48 EACH 200MM(8")
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9(230MM) Long Nose Straight Jaw Lockgrip Pliers Wholesale Price
9"(230MM) Long Nose Straight Jaw Lockgrip Pliers
Forging by Chrome - Vanadium Steel Elaborately polished pliers head, Surface Sandblasted. Heat treatment for the holding rod,Used for adjusting the caliber of holding rod. Strong tensile resistance spring. Cutting Caoacity 0.2mm Iron Wire 0.8cm thickness of plier mouth Code Barcode Packaging Shipper Qty Size TPP0230 9328675010980 Slide On Blister 60 EACH 230MM(9")
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180MM Metal Grinding Wheel Wholesale Price
180MM Metal Grinding Wheel
 φ 180mm(7") φ 22.2(7/8")x6mm Max:RPM.8,600 Code Barcode Packaging Shipper Qty Size TCW1100 9328675003982 Shrink Pack 400 EACH 100x3x16MM TCW1101 9328675004842 Shrink Pack 200 EACH 100x6x16MM TCW1115 9328675027513 Shrink Pack 300 EACH 115x3x22.2MM TCW1116 9328675027520 Shrink Pack 100 EACH 115x6x22.2MM TCW1180 9328675003999 Shrink Pack 50 EACH 180x6x22.2MM TCW1230 9328675004002 Shrink Pack 50 EACH 230x6x22.2MM
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6(160MM) Side Cut Pliers Wholesale Price
6"(160MM) Side Cut Pliers
  Product Information     Materials:Medium Carbon Steel 45, Black and Yellow PVC combination molded grip     Weight:TPP0486: 195g     Quality:Bulk Heat Treatment Hardness HRC52-66, Head sheared jaw hardness HRC40-46     Finish / Color:Head polished finish for rust-proof / PANTONE yellow 116C     Size Details:TPP0486: Full Length 156mm, Head Width 21.8mm, Thickness 9.8mm      Others:German-plier type, Blister Thickness 0.4mm Code Barcode Packaging Shipper Qty Size TPP0486 9328675012984 Double Blister 60 EACH 160MM(6") TPP0488 9328675013004 Double Blister 48 EACH 200MM(8")
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1-1/2 Wood Chisel Wholesale Price
1-1/2" Wood Chisel
.  CRV steel blade .  Precision milled bevelled edges .  Rubberised grips Code Barcode Packaging Shipper Qty Size TCC0012 9328675004675 Double Blister 48 EACH 13MM(12") TCC0014 9328675004668 Double Blister 48 EACH 6MM(1/4") TCC0034 9328675004699 Double Blister 48 EACH 19MM(3/4") TCC0058 9328675004682 Double Blister 48 EACH 16MM(5/8") TCC0078 9328675004705 Double Blister 48 EACH 22MM(7/8") TCC0100 9328675004712 Double Blister 48 EACH 25MM(1") TCC0112 9328675004743 Double Blister 48 EACH 38MM(1-1/2") TCC0114 9328675004736 Double Blister 48 EACH 32MM(1-1/4") TCC0118 9328675004729 Double Blister 48 EACH 29MM(1-1/8")
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18MM Heavy Duty Utility Knife
18MM Heavy Duty Utility knife  Application: Cutting Thick cardboard and sharpen pencil.  Features: Aluminum Alloy +TPR knife Body Nickel plating sttl slide 6PCS  blade Fine blade edge grinding, Sharp and durable, Fast cutting
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8M  Tape Measure Metal case Wholesale Price
8M Tape Measure Metal case
This Tape Measure has lots of great features that make it easy for professionals and DIYers to take accurate measurements; 430# steel and TPR case,ensured years of heavy duty use; Polymer coated blade for long life
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Claw Hammer
16OZ Hammer Claw F/G Handle
Forged high-carbon steel head.  Jacketed design provides overstrike protection for long life and increased safety.  Rim temper reduces incidences of chipping or spalling.  Fiberglass handle absorbs shock and vibration. High-visibility yellow is easy to locate quickly .
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300MM Masonry Cutting Wheel Wholesale Price
300MM Masonry Cutting Wheel
φ 300mm(12") φ 25.4(1")x 3mm Max: 5,100 RPM. Code Barcode Packaging Shipper Qty Size TCW2100 9328675004859 Shrink Pack 400 EACH 100x3x16MM TCW2115 9328675028602 Shrink Pack 300 EACH 115x3x22.2MM TCW2180 9328675004866 Shrink Pack 100 EACH 180x3x22.2MM TCW2230 9328675004873 Shrink Pack 50 EACH 230x3x22.2MM
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5M  Contractors Tape Measure Wholesale Price
5M Contractors Tape Measure
Polymer-coated blade withstands abrasion;  High-impact ABS case for durability;  Accurate measurements, easy to read, easy to use.
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16(400MM) Level Box 3 Viales Wholesale Price
16"(400MM) Level Box 3 Viales
  3 Vials with Milled Base   1.0mm Thick Aluminum Box Code Barcode Packaging Shipper Qty Size TLL0604 9328675030421 Sticker Label 36 EACH 400MM(16") TLL0606 9328675030438 Sticker Label 36 EACH 600MM(24") TLL0609 9328675030445 Sticker Label 36 EACH 900MM(36")
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Claw Hammer
20OZ Hammer Claw Wooden Handle
Curved Claw Wood Handle Nailing Hammer.  This tough hammer head is made of forged carbon steel and is ideal for a variety of professional and DIY applications.  Rim temper reduces incidences of chipping or spalling.  Forged high-carbon steel head for strength.  Fully heat-treated and polished bell face.  Curved claw with smooth face.
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Hand Trowel Wholesale Price
Hand Trowel
 Coated steel head  Shock resistant handle Code Barcode Packaging Shipper Qty GST0005 9328675026516 Hangtag Card 50 EACH
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Hand Saw Cushion Grip Wholesale Price
Hand Saw Cushion Grip
This is an indispensable tool for your toolbox if you need to make fast, accurate cuts;  ABS+TPR handle for comfort and durability;  New handle design improves ease of fast cuts;  Induction hardened teeth for long life
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Heavy duty hacksaw Wholesale Price
Heavy duty hacksaw
  Product Information     Materials:Duplex metal, Aluminum, Rubber     Weight:Entire weight 810g     Quality:Heavy duty hacksaw frame with duplex metal saw blade (PJ099), Blade can be mounted at 55° for flush  cuts,Size 12", Black rubber protecting  handle, Yellow spray, company LOGO printed on the handle     Finish / Color:Yellow (116C) hacksaw frame, Black protecting handle     Size Details:Full length 380mm, Width 170mm   Code Barcode Packaging Shipper Qty Size TCS3308 9328675029265 Coloured Cardboard Sleeve 24 EACH 300MM(12")
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Hacksaw Blade Wholesale Price
Hacksaw Blade
  Product Information Materials:Carbon steel hacksaw blade Weight: 160g a set with packaging Quality:TCS0418:300x12x0.6MM;18T                    TCS0424:300x12x0.6MM;24T                    TCS0432:300x12x0.6MM;32T Finish / Color:Yellow stoving varnish 116C, Black lettering Size Details:Full length 300mm, Width 12mm for each one Others:Notice to paint off   Code Barcode Packaging Shipper Qty Size TCS0418 9328675018740 Plastic Hangtag Bag 120 SET 18 Teeth Per Inch TCS0424 9328675018757 Plastic Hangtag Bag 120 SET 24 Teeth Per Inch TCS0432 9328675018764 Plastic Hangtag Bag 120 SET 32 Teeth Per Inch
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Square Mouth Shovel Wholesale Price
Square Mouth Shovel
 Forged Steel Blade Hardened & Tempered  Black Ccoated for Rust Resistance  Durable Fibreglass Shaft  D Shaped moulded Handle with Soft Grip Code Barcode Packaging Shipper Qty GTV5105 9328675031244 Sticker Label 6 EACH
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Bolt Cutter Mini 8 Wholesale Price
Bolt Cutter Mini 8"
  3mm Cutting Capacity   Precisely Beveled Alloy Steel Blades   Tubular Handles with Cushion Grips Code Barcode Packaging Shipper Qty Size TPB0200 9328675016487 Slide On Blister 48 EACH 200MM(8")
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