A Handyman's Guide on Tool Safety June 02 , 2016

Always be aware that all tools are potentially dangerous, especially to young children who should never be allowed in or around the workshop. Keep tools locked away when not in use both for safety and as a security precaution.


Hand Tools


Wear appropriate clothing. Loose fitting clothes, jewellery, ties and long hair are dangerous around moving machinery.

Wear goggles when using striking tools. Keep tool handles clean and free of oil and grease so they don't become slippery.


Never operate a tool that is damaged, not properly adjusted or securely assembled. Defects such as broken handles are dangerous, as are chisels with mushroom heads, spanners with spread jaws, files without handles etc. Always ensure your tools are in good condition. Sharp cutting tools are safer than dull tools .Always use the right size and type of tool for any job. Improvising is hazardous.

forge tools.


Power Tools


Always buy reputable brands and power tools accessories follow manufacturer's instructions exactly.


Don't smoke while using power tools or any flammable substance.


Do not operate power tools for long periods without a break as fatigue reduces your ability to control the tool properly.


Always turn the tool off when you leave it, even if only for a moment. Don't carry the tool around by the cord.


Make sure the circuits in your workshop are adequate to carry the load your tools require, and that all tools are correctly earthed. Plugs must also be correctly fused and cables should be in good order.


Double insulated tools are recommended for maximum safety.


Never use power tools on a wet or damp floor.


Never leave extension leads lying around the floor after use. Coil and store them properly.


Key Points to Remember


Always keep your workshop locked when not in use and never let children use it as a play area.

A pair of strong gloves will come in handy on many occasions; such as when handling chainsaw blades.

Never use damaged tools, such as a file with a loose handle or a spanner with spread jaws.

Always carry nails and tools in a properly designed carry bag.

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