A Plastic Watering Can Makes Watering Plants Fun July 12 , 2017

You've agreed to look after your neighbor's house while they go away on a European vacation. They gave you the keys and left plenty of food for the dog. Your duties include gathering the mail, taking in the newspaper, feeding the dog and watering the plants.


Each day you pick up the newspaper off the front porch, open the mailbox and remove the mail and feed the dog. Don't forget to water the plants. There must be twenty of them scattered in every room of the house. You take a glass from the cabinet, fill it with water and proceed to give the first plant a drink. The glass is empty, so you go back and fill it again. Well, after a half dozen trips back and forth from the sink, you realize you've only watered four plants. Either they must be extremely thirsty or, the glass is too small. You wish you had a large, plastic watering can.


Neat and Convenient


A plastic watering can usually can hold a gallon or so of water, which makes it easy to water quite a few houseplants before having to go back and refill. With a sturdy, easy to grip handle and a nice long spout, the specially designed can easily reaches into the pot, between the leaves, and right into the soil. Unlike a glass or maybe a cooking pot where water can easily miss its mark, the plastic watering can, with its narrow spout, will help you avoid making a mess.


Drop it and it Won't Break


Another advantage of using a plastic watering can is that it is practically indestructible. Made of a hard, sturdy plastic, the can will stand up to lots of abuse. This is particularly useful if you tend to be a bit clumsy and are prone to dropping the watering can or hitting it against the flower pots. It is also great for watering small outdoor potted plants.


Detachable Plastic Shower Head


Most plastic water cans have a round plastic head that screws on to the end of the spout. This makes it easy to pour a wide shower-like stream of water over the entire plant, getting both the leaves and the roots well saturated.




For less than ten dollars, you can get a high quality, plastic watering can that will last you many years.


The next time you need to water your indoor or outdoor plants, make sure to get a plastic watering can. The job will go smoothly and your plants will perk up as a thank you for treating them well.


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