Garden Hand Tools - Types and Uses June 08 , 2016

Gardening is a tool-intensive work that requires the usage of pertinent gardening hand tools. With the right tools for gardening, you can make even the most hard, back-breaking work simple and easy-to-do. So, pick from various types of garden tools and equipment based on your needs and purposes. Some of the useful lawn and garden tools you need to have are:


Shovels: These lawn and garden equipment are used to dig, move, and gather dirt, coal, gravel, soil, snow, and other trash. This multi-purpose tool is essential for all gardens, small or big.


Edgers: A good-looking garden or lawn requires professional-looking edges at driveways and pathways. Use edgers to create that uniform look throughout the perimeter of your landscape.


Pruners: There are basically three types of pruners - bypass, anvil, and ratchet. All three styles serve different purposes. They can be used to prune trees and shrubs, cut away dead flowers and leaves, and trim hedges in your garden.


Garden Tools and Equipment to Clear Snow: Tired of clearing the snow off your lawn? Get appropriate lawn and garden tools to clear the snow in your garden. Ice choppers or crappers, ice melters, snow pushers, snow rakes, and snow shovels are top picks you can go for.


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These Garden Hand Tools and equipment are sure to make your job easy.


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