Heavy Duty Garden Hose For Serious Gardening September 22 , 2017

The term "heavy duty" is usually reserved for things which are used a lot - and sometimes also abused a lot. If you are a gardener, you probably own a spade. If your garden is small, you may not use that spade so often, right? You may like to trim the edges of your lawn now and then, but if that lawn is small, well - not much to trim then. On the other hand - larger gardens equal larger lawns, which means more trimming. Result? You use that spade a lot more, and can justify owning a high quality one. This is most likely true for many other tools in your arsenal.

Same thing with watering. If you only need a hose that can reach a few meters in order to get to the farthest corners of your garden, then a cheap garden hose will very likely suffice. But if you need longer runs to reach several sprinklers, or you need to transport a lot of water at high pressure, then the light stuff is not going to cut it. You may have hoses lying in the same places for so long, it's almost semipermanent, in which case they should be able to take a beating. Perhaps you have stationary sprinklers that are always watering the same area. In that case, you may want to run a heavy duty garden hose slightly concealed in some vegetation - and just leave it there all summer. An arrangement like that puts the hose at risk of being stepped on, run over by lawnmowers and such. You want a reinforced garden hose that can take a direct hit with the sharp end of a spade, a hose that won't kink, giving you problems with obstruction of water flow - and you want a thick-walled hose that can take the water pressure you need.

The more hose you have in the garden - the bigger the chance (statistically) of a leak happening somewhere. You don't want leaking hoses, forcing you to run around trying to find the bad spot. You want to minimize the risk of leaks, and the best way to do that is to choose heavy duty garden hose, along with quality garden hose connectors. The traditional quality choice is reinforced rubber hose and brass connectors. This is what golf clubs have been using for decades, with happy green-keepers as a result. Rubber is especially good for semipermanent installations, as it can get a bit heavy to lift. If you move around a lot more, a good reinforced vinyl hose may do the job just fine. If you are really picky, some of the newer hose om the market is made of polyurethane and is very light. If enough, strong and reinforced layers are used, it is also very sturdy.

When you plan out the watering scheme for your garden, don't forget to include garden hose in the equation.

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