Basic Hand Wood Tools June 12 , 2016

The beginning woodworker is sometimes confused about what wood tools are needed as there are so many to choose from. My advice is: Don't rush out and buy any tools recommended as a 'starter kit' unless you have an immediate task to use those tools on. This article provides a basic list of useful hand woodworking tools with a short description of how to use them. To determine which to buy, check your project. Get the tools you'll need to complete your project.


The general recommendation to the beginning woodworker is: Learn how to use wood hand tools before trying to work with power tools. The work will be slower and a bit more physically taxing but you'll gain knowledge of how to use the various types of tools to best advantage, your work will be more precise, and you won't be nearly as apt to get seriously hurt.


1) Clamps

Clamps are an essential basic hand tool and are used to to keep your wood stationary. They come in all sizes. Use them when drilling, sawing, gluing, etc. - any task that requires the the wood you're working on doesn't move.


2) Saw

It's useful to learn how to use a hand saw, but it's very tiring if you have a thick piece of wood that you're trying to cut. I much prefer a power saw.


3) Drill Bits

There are various types of hand drill bits. Some are called push-drills. Pushing the drill up and down makes the drill bit go around, cut into the wood, and make a hole. Another type of hand drill consists of a crank on a shaft. Turning the crank makes the drill bit go around, making a hole. Most drills come with a set of bits of varying sizes which, obviously, make different size holes. Being able to make the correct size hole in a piece of wood is necessary for attaching two pieces together with screws, bolts, or nails. When using nails in a pre-drilled hole, I often dip the nail in Epoxy before slipping it into the hole. This anchors the nail so it doesn't slip out again.


These are just a few of the many and varied hand wood tools that are available.


Woodworking is a very enjoyable hobby. It takes some practice to get really good at it, but the rewards of completing a project that is both useful and good to look at make this one of the more productive hobbies that one could learn, forge.

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