• A Handyman's Guide on Tool Safety Jun 02 , 2016
    Always be aware that all tools are potentially dangerous, especially to young children who should never be allowed in or around the workshop. Keep tools locked away when not in use both for safety and as a security precaution.   Hand Tools   Wear appropriate clothing. Loose fitting clothes, jewellery, ties and long hair are dangerous around moving machinery. Wear goggles when using strik...
  • Safety Hand Tools You Must Have Jun 13 , 2016
    Although hand tools may look harmless, they can be a cause of major injuries. An astounding percentage of all workplace accidents are associated with hand tools. The injuries can be fatal from crushed fingers to damaged eyesight. Due to such incidents, manufacturers came up with solutions to make their products more user-friendly. Check out these products that are already out in the market.  ...

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