Combination Wrenches June 09 , 2017

The combination wrench is the perfect tool for an automotive kit, industrial shop usage or household toolbox. A combination wrench also known as a spanner, is a wrench with an open face on one end and a circular grip on the other.


A combination wrench set is useful for the aspiring motor mechanic as well as industrial mechanics, carpentry jobs, household repairs, automotive repairs and for common tasks such as furniture assembly.


Mechanics Tools:


The right mechanics tools make the difference between an easy job and a difficult one. A mechanic or carpenter is defined by their tools and having the highest grade tool set, complete with combination wrenches, prepares you for any job. The complete mechanics tool set includes wrench kits for automotive jobs, bicycle repair and even specialized work involving foreign automobiles and RV repair. Accessories for spanners that you may want to add to your tool set include cases, wrench grips and wrench holders.


As everyone who has been through an apprentice program knows, bolts are used in construction, manufacturing, and assembly of almost everything. By having a combination wrench set at the ready, you can show that you have the ability to place or remove a bolt easily and efficiently.


Automotive Tool sets:


An automotive tool set should contain a variety of common wrench sizes to handle automotive repairs while on the road. By having a wrench set in your vehicle you are prepared for any emergency car repairs that may be needed.


You will not find an auto repair shop, an automotive training course or even an auto mechanic school that is not well stocked with a wide variety of combination wrenches. When it comes time to do car repairs or other basic mechanical jobs, the first tool in your kit should be the combination wrench. Solid, basic, sturdy and dependable the combination wrench doesn't have moving parts and is designed to withstand impacts on even the most demanding jobs.




Toolkits come with a variety of selections from a basic 8 piece wrench set, on up to 16, 32, 64 or even 256 piece or more sets. While a few common wrenches will cover most tasks, having a large toolkit with a full selection of wrenches insures that you are ready for any job that comes your way.


Combination wrenches are available in a wide variety of sizes for both standard and metric nut and bolt combinations. This simple hand tool does not require electricity, is designed specifically for the job that it is made to do and is highly resistant to breakage.


Tool Storage:


When storing your wrenches, a tool storage chest, wrench holder or a standard tool box can be useful. Tool boxes and cases for wrenches, include soft cases in rollout and box style, as well as heavy plastic cases or even heavy duty steel, titanium and aluminum toolboxes for the serious mechanic. Wrenches can be stored in tool chests, roll up cases, and will help you find the exact tool you need for getting extra leverage on a stubborn bolt.


Metric Tools:


Metric tools and metric mechanics sets, in addition to standard wrenches, keep you covered for any repair situation. By having an array of metric tools conveniently available you can grab the 8mm or 15mm wrench you need to get the job done, slip it in your pocket and you are ready to go. The roll out case keeps your combination wrenches well organized and ready for automotive jobs or other tasks. In addition to your metric mechanics set, you may wish to purchase specialty manufactured wrenches which can meet the most exacting specifications, including sets that are designed to handle non-standard bolts. A complete set of metric tools for your assembly and repair needs is as essential as a standard tool set which includes the commonly used, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 combination wrench.



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