The Measuring Wheels Are Different From the Tape Measures in Their Size, Shape, and Applications July 03 , 2017

Many people in the world would argue that measuring wheels are better than measuring tapes. However, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that both these are good in their own respects. Measuring tapes are portable and can easily fit into the pocket, but the measuring tapes are only good for smaller or short distances. Many people would agree that measuring wheels are a bit bulky but they are very beneficial for the measurement of longer distances.


There is a huge difference in the usage of the measuring tapes and measuring wheels. Let's see two examples where the measuring tape and measuring wheels are used. Most often the measuring tapes are used to measure the planks of wood, thus inevitably, the measuring tape is an important tool in the arsenal of the carpenter. One the other hand, the measuring wheels are often used for the measurement of football fields.


The circumference of the wheel is generally one meter. That means the wheel covers one-meter distance with each rotation. Some smaller models have wheels with 0.5m circumference and each rotation of such a wheel covers 0.5m only. The total distance covered is stored and displayed in the digital LCD screen. All you have to do is to take the wheel to the starting point, reset the digital screen, release the brake and start walking it in a straight line. The distance covered will come out in the screen and remain there until you reset it.


Some of the measuring tapes give the appearance of small rings and some of them just look like some paging device. Never go on the appearance of the measuring tapes because some of the best measuring tapes in the market don't look attractive from the outside. More than the attractive cover, the measuring tape or the measuring wheels need to be very durable. Most measuring wheels that are available now a days are: o Heat resistant o Water proof o Good for external uses Now, suppose you did not have measuring wheels, but had to rely on old-fashioned tape measures for measuring that distance! What would you have done? I should leave that to your imagination. It suffices to say that experience will be anything but pleasant. You would need two more assistants at least. Two will have to hold the two ends of the tape and another will have to keep track of the measurements as you take the tape measure round and round.


Physical damage to the tape measures is often not included in the warranty. There are many other clauses in the terms and conditions that you need to understand very well. If there is a warranty attached to the tape measures or the measuring wheels, you will have to insist for either the bill or the warranty card or both. If there are any accessories attached with the tape measures or the measuring wheels, you will have to ensure that you take them along when you buy the tape measures or the measuring wheels.


Therefore, you see neither is better than the other is. Each has its own utility. Determine your need first before you buy either. However, it is always wiser to buy a tape measure along with a measuring wheel. If you should buy a measuring wheel along with a tape measure, is for you to decide.


Another advantage of the cloth tape measures is that it can be washed. When the cloth tape measures get stained with tea or some other liquid, you will have to use some mild detergent to get rid of the stains. If you use strong or powerful detergents for the removal of the stains, there are chances that the print of the tape measures may also come off.


However, make sure that they carry warranty cards, especially the ones that are more expensive. Read the warranty card and the user manual to understand the terms and condition and also the working of the gadgets. However, not much is to be done if it is a tape measure, made from plain cloth. It may however become dirty and if it does, wash it with simple soap and water. However, you have to replace it if the markings become blurred or the tape itself becomes frayed or stretched. Today, most of them are made from fiberglass or coated with vinyl. Buy them. They will last longer.


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