Glass Cutter June 09 , 2017
To cut glass correctly you need the rite tool for the job. A glass cutter, preferably one that uses a lubricant is the perfect candidate for working with sheet glass. Usually, a manual glass cutting tool consists of a handle attached to a small, hardened steel or tungsten wheel which is on average 4-6 mm in diameter. You'll find all different varieties of glass cutter across the internet and you'll be able to find a wide variety of methods in cutting glass too.

Although you may think manual glass cutting or cutting glass by hand is a dying trade, there are still workshops, people in construction and artists who rely on expert tools and expert methods. An experienced and properly equipped person can produce amazing results. Yes, you can use computers/machinery but having something that is hand crafted always feels so much better.

Using a Glass Cutter 
To start with, you will first need to lightly lubricate your cutter or the piece of glass you want to cut. Next you should place a hard and straight edge along the line you would like to cut. Now place your glass cutter wheel against your straight edge, apply a decent amount of pressure and move the wheel along the straight edge. Think of it like drawing a margin with a pencil and ruler.

Now that the surface of the glass is broken or scored, you should now be able to break your piece of glass cleanly along the score line you made.

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