Woodworking Saws May 25 , 2017

All saws will fall into one of two categories, being, power saws and hand saws and are the most used of all woodworking tools. All woodworking plans can be by using hand saws but power saws, although not necessary, have made the job easier.

As saws are used so often it is particularly important to purchase good quality saws. When buying any saw it is better to get a good quality saw from a known manufacturer as it will last longer and perform better.

Listed below are some of the many different types of hand and power saws you can purchase:

Crosscut Saw

As the name may suggest the crosscut saw is used to cut across the grain of wood and is a general purpose saw. The crosscut saw has between six to eight sharpened teeth per inch which are set alternately left to right and the cross cut is usually twenty five inches.

Tenon Saw

The tenon saw is a general purpose saw that is also referred to as a back saw. The tenon saw is a general purpose saw that is known to be one of the easiest saws to control and is therefore used for finer projects. The saw is generally twelve inches long and has approximately fourteen to seventeen teeth per inch.

Coping Saw

The coping saw has a fine toothed and very narrow but hard blade that is used to cut curves in wood. The blade angle is able to be adjusted so that the saw can cut in any direction.

Portable Circular Saw

The portable circular saw is the most popular of all power saws due to its ability to cut quickly. Blades are generally five to nine inches in diameter and for parallel cuts a straight fence can be attached to the saw. Grooves of various depths can be cut by adjusting the blade and angled cuts achieved by tilting the plate.


The primary use of the jigsaw is to cut curved lines, but is also used to cut straight lines. Traditionally the blades of jigsaws move up and down, however, some of the latest models have started using an orbital action. The blades can be easily changed and there are various types that are able to be used for different projects.

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