Hand Saws - Various Types of Hand Saws May 25 , 2017

Cutting metal is not confined to a small number of tools. In the present scenario, the market is flourished up with a huge assortment of tools used for cutting the metal. Some commonly used metal cutting tools are tank cutters, dies, snips, chisels, drills and tiles.

Hand saws 

Hand saws are available in a wide range of designs. They serve both purposes: metal cutting and wood working in an effective way. However, their working process is far different from each other. Wood working hand saws have soft teeth whereas metal cutting hand saws include more coarse and thick teeth.

They are of different kinds:



Junior hacksaws


Each type comes with a disposable blade because it has generally been seen that the blade of each type becomes blunt after using it on a regular basis. 


Hacksaws are a fine type of hand saws which serve the purpose of cutting a wide range of metals. It is incorporated with a frame that holds a blade under tension. These blades can be easily adjustable in order to hold the different length blades. Their blades measure the length that ranges from 250mm to 300mm. Having the wing nut, the frame is used to provide tension. The blade of these hand handle tools is commonly assembled at right angle to its usual position. This tool is primarily used in order to cut the straight pipes, bars or sections and is not used to cut the large metal sheets.


Sheetsaw is a very fine type of tool that is very useful for large sheets of metal. It contains a much thinner blade as compared to the hacksaw and is commonly positioned at the bottom edge. Today, it is seen as a wonderful tool used for cutting the sheets to any depth.

Junior hacksaw

Junior hacksaw has a much smaller size than the normal hacksaw and contain adjustable blades. It works well for both complex work and confined places.


Padsaw is endowed with a pad handle which is fastened with a clamp over one end of the blade. These hand saws do a great job for confined places.

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