Types Of Pliers October 24 , 2016

Tools are important. In order to complete a construction project or a home-improvement project you need to have all the necessary tools. These tools can come in various sizes it can be big or it can be small. However, regardless of the size, these tools will help you finish your project. When it comes to adding final touches to a project, there are certain tools that you must possess. One of these tools is a pair of pliers. What is this tool? This tool is a hand tool specifically designed to cut, bend or compress materials. Dry Wall Hammer


There are different types of pliers, each with a specific purpose. Here are some of them. Hand Cultivator


Long-nose - these are also known as needle-nose. This type is typically used for holding items that are small. Those who are into arts and crafts are familiar with this type. Those who make accessories use this type of pliers to bend and shape wires according to a specific design.


Vise Grips - these are actually locking pliers. This type have jaws that can be locked and set in place. This can be used as a clamp or wrench and is capable of holding a material in place. The jaw shapes can be curved, straight, or C-shaped. Transplanting Trowel


Lineman's Pliers - this type is most useful to electricians and to those who work around electrical wires most of the time. This is perfect for cutting and twisting electrical wires.


Round-nose - this is another must have tool for people who love making accessories. An important tool in craft making this pliers is used to create circular wires for rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.


Crimping Pliers - this type is used for joining or sealing two ends together. An important tool in the industrial sector, this can come with a hefty price tag. Slip Joint Pliers


Other types are available and you might want to check it out, but do not let it confuse you. Choose only what you need.

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