DIY Your DIY Toolkit October 25 , 2016

Remember the last time your neighbor came over for a drink and you playfully locked him in your bathroom? God, you thought that was such a fun thing to do then, until you discovered that the bathroom door jammed and your vicious Pit bull terrier (who intensely hated your neighbor) was sleeping in the bathroom! Didn't you wish that you'd have had an emergency DIY toolkit for times like these?


No problem, it's not too late to make your own DIY toolkit and the best way to make your DIY toolkit is to first get some great online tool deals and then follow our instructions. Here you go:


First, buy a small storage box.

Next, buy the most used items in case of an emergency - no, it's not what you are thinking - these items are fuses, hooks, and insulation tape. Now store all these items in a small drawer that's nearest to the place where you frequently pass by in your house - it can be a drawer closest to the living room or in the kitchen. Don't put these things in the storage box mentioned above!

Now, start adding this stuff to that nearby cute drawer of yours': radiator key, electrical screwdriver, wire and pliers. Again, don't put these in the storage box!Junior Hacksaw

Keep a battery-loaded torch or flashlight handy and ensure that you have a pack of extra batteries just in case. Keep this torch (flashlight) and the batteries in the same drawer.

Great, now the easy part's over and the tough one begins, and here are the tools you need to buy to place in that storage box we spoke about above: tape, hammer, screwdriver set, pliers, knife, spanner and hacksaw set.Holesaw Set

Now, place that storage box back in that nearby drawer - there, you're done.

Now, imagine the scene above if you were equipped with a DIY toolkit - most probably you'd have used the spanner and unhinged the bathroom door, and would probably have been in time to transport your neighbor to an intensive care unit! That's how useful a DIY toolkit can be!


Jokes aside, you never know when an emergency can crop up and you may have no one else to help you tackle it. These are times when you are all alone and have to do things single-handedly - it is in times like these that you cannot do without an emergency DIY toolkit.Junior Hacksaw


So, go right ahead and make that DIY toolkit because you never know when you'll need it. And, hey, don't forget to look for some great tool deals on the Internet - you'll end up saving up loads of cash!


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