How To Sharpen A Chainsaw Chain May 23 , 2017
Unfortunately, an important task associated with chainsaw ownership is regular maintenance and chain (or teeth) sharpening - after all, if you want your chainsaw to last for a number of years and to efficiently cut up wood, the chain will need to be in optimal condition. A lot of people are put off sharpening their own chainsaw chains, as they believe it to be a tiresome or dangerous task. This is actually a misconception, and sharpening your own chain can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

But is there an easy way to tell whether your chainsaw chain is need of sharpening? The best way to do this is to assess how much force you need to exert on your equipment when cutting - a chainsaw with a sharp chain should only require a little pressure to cut.

First, you need to ensure that your chainsaw chain is clean, as the cleaner it is the easier it will be to sharpen. Use a solution of water and generic dishwashing detergent to remove all of the dirt, grease and debris from the teeth. You need to be careful not to accidentally get water inside the chainsaw housing or the engine itself, as this will severely damage the chainsaw, quite often beyond repair. If you notice any broken or bent teeth, you will need to replace the whole chain, otherwise you could be posing a serious safety risk to anyone who uses the chainsaw.

Secure your chainsaw in a vice, as this will prevent it from falling over or moving whilst you are sharpening the chain. Choose a tooth to begin on and mark it with a permanent marker (a noticeable line or dot is sufficient) so that you know where you started. Place a specialized metal file in the notch in front of the tooth, keeping it at around a 25 degree angle. Slide the file back and forth a few times, making a slight twisting motion at each change of direction to shake the metal flakes away. You will need to repeat this process with each tooth until you get all the way around the chainsaw.

If you ever feel that your chainsaw chain needs sharpening, do not hesitate to undertake the task yourself. Regularly sharpening the teeth of your chainsaw will keep it operating at its peak level, allowing it to perform your cutting tasks much better for much longer.

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