Garden Hand Tool Sets - What to Buy to Get Started May 23 , 2017

Gardening is more popular than ever before. Gardeners love the beauty and solitude of working in their gardens, and the fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables are such a satisfying reward. If you are new to gardening and looking for garden hand tool sets, there are a few tools that are great to begin with.


Below is a list of the five tools that you should purchase to begin. I will also explain the basic uses of each of these tools.


1. Soil Rake


Depending on the size of your planting beds, you can purchase a full size or mini sized soil rake. These rakes are a basic essential for removing debris and breaking up and aerating the soil. Mini soil rakes are only a few inches wide, so you can use them more easily in containers or around tight borders.


2. Hoe


Hoes are another basic essential for gardening. Hoes are used to pile soil around the base of plants, to break up and agitate soil, to remove weeds, and to create furrows and trenches for planting seeds or bulbs.


3. Trowel


Another basic, trowels are constantly used by gardeners. There are many different sizes and weights, so select one that feels right in your hand.


4. Cultivator


Both hand cultivators and full-size cultivators are a must. Cultivators penetrate, break up, and aerate tough soil and they are great for removing weeds. Hand cultivators are great for sit-down gardening, and full size cultivators are used for larger areas.


5. Weeder


A weeder is like a long and wide screwdriver that is notched at the end. They are great for penetrating along the roots of dandelions and other weeds, and they are also great for working in sidewalk cracks, between stones, or in tight areas. Weeders make weeding go much more quickly and allow weeds with deep roots to be removed more easily and completely.


Of course, there are many other types of shovels, rakes, tillers, and other helpful garden hand tools, and you can purchase them as you need them. Remember to buy quality tools that will last you for years. Spending a little more when purchasing your tools and then caring for and maintaining your tools during use will allow you to enjoy them for decades.



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