Garden Tools - Quality Goes a Long Way April 19 , 2017

Having your own property is not only a luxury but a responsibility and as such you should keep it in optimal condition and attractive at all times. Besides the physical aspect of your house the other important part one should never overlook is the landscaping work, you could hire someone to do it for you or you could do it yourself. In most cases property owners end up hiring someone to do the job but this is not cost effective.


Learning how to do these tasks yourself provides great satisfaction because all the work has been done exactly how you wanted. In order to get things done the right way you need to own at least the most basic set of garden tools unless you intend to visit your neighbor every time you need to do some yard work.


Garden tools can be acquired at your local hardware store and even at some lumber yards, however the most important thing to keep in mind is to go for quality instead of quantity, shop carefully and choose the best ones because the right set of tools will last you a lifetime.


The following are some basic garden tools you will need to get started:


Shovel: There are many sizes and shapes of these, handheld ones were designed to help you to easily dig into the ground and plant flowers and small trees, long-handled shovel are used to dig holes where you can place large plants. There are many uses for shovels but according to the size of your yard you will need to acquire one that will help you get things done the right way.


Secateurs: This is the best tool for cutting and pruning around your garden, some people use it when they are working on flower arrangements or cutting small tree branches. There are three types of secateurs: anvil, bypass and parrot-beak; each one has a different purpose and shape but the most common one is the bypass secateur.


Rake: This is a tool used to gather loosen material (soil that has been dug) or level a surface. Most rakes are many-toothed tools that are also used to gather leaves around the yard.


Hoe: These are used for cultivating and weeding, they have a sharp blade bent at a 90 degree angle.


There are many other tools you can purchase however the most important thing to remember is to acquire top quality tools or the best tools you can afford, make sure you try the grip to ensure they are comfortable tools to use while working on your garden. Buying top quality tools will ensure you won't have to make several trips to the hardware store to replace them and they will last you a lifetime.

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