A quick guide to the only gardening equipment you really need. April 19 , 2017



A fork is good for fluffing the surface and loosening soil and lifting plants. A good digging fork will have a stainless steel head and a fibreglass or hardwood handle, with four square tines and a foot rest for digging. Again make sure that you have a comfortable grip.




Having a good spade is essential for digging in your garden. When choosing a spade, look for one with a steel head and a strong wooden of fibreglass handle with a good grip. When choosing a space as well as a fork, it is important to pick the correct length in order to minimize back strain.




These are used for pruning. Choose bypass secateurs over anvil. Bypass is where two blades pass each other. A good pair of secateurs will have replaceable parts. Use these for deadheading, gentle shaping and removing spent foliage. As with other garden tools, comfort is important when choosing these as you will spend a lot of time using them.


Dutch or draw hoe


Hoes are used to control weeds. There are two varieties. The Dutch hoe can slice through the top of weeds, whereas the draw hoe can drag the weed out from the ground. Corners of hoes can be used to create trenches in the soil for seeds. Try and choose a hoe with a stainless steel head.




This tool is necessary for those with trees and shrubbery in their gardens. they are great at removing branches, pruning and shaping. When shopping for loopers, choose a pair with thick, sharp blades and either wooden or fibreglass handles.


Garden rake


With a garden rake, the more teeth it has the better. This is because the more teeth it has, the faster an area can be covered. Rakes are great for removing leaves, moss and grass clippings. Having a sturdy rake is a must, again as with most tools go for a stainless steel head. However plastic rakes are inexpensive and remarkably sturdy.




If you have a large garden, a wheelbarrow will be essential in moving heavy and multiple items around your garden.


Watering can or a long hose


Essential for keeping plants and seedlings damp. These will save you lots of aggravation as you will be able to water your whole garden.


Garden Shed or Garage


Once you have acquired all of your essential garden tools, you will need somewhere safe and secure to store them. If you do not already have a garage or garden shed, it is always advisable to invest in one. As gardening tools can be higly expensive, the last thing you would want to do is leave them out for a thief. There are a wide range of garden sheds and garages available. If you are looking for something with high security, Asgard have a varying range of metal security sheds.

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