Power Drill Bits - How to Choose the Best Type For the Job July 12 , 2017

For self-sufficient DIYers as well as professional craftsmen, there is a wide variety of drill bit sets obtainable for power drills. These drill bits are very helpful for drilling holes in various types of material around the house. To achieve an excellent job with drilling, the correct kind of bit should be employed for each material.


Twist Bit


This is the most usual kind for use with power drills. Twist bit power drill sets are designed for creating holes in plastic, metal and timber. The size of these bits ranges 0.8 mm to 12 mm or more. Twist bits are intended only for drilling small holes and they are often brittle. So, when drilling, be sure that you use only light force so that the bits do not break.


Masonry Bit


Masonry bits are the kind produced particularly for drilling holes in concrete, bricks, stone, quarry tiles and blocks. Sometimes silicone bronze alloy is used to make the tip of a masonry bit, since this alloy is a particularly tough material. Most often, however, masonry bits have cutting tips made from tungsten carbide, and a steel shaft. Sizes of these bits can range from 4 mm to 16 mm.


Bullet Pilot Points


Employed for drilling on wood, metal and plastic, bullet pilot points are particularly good for making clean holes. These kinds of bits have a center point and 2 spurs and are designed to cut through the back of the work piece cleanly.


Spur Point Bits


Like the bullet pilot points, spur point bits have two raised spurs around a central point. These features of the spur points assist in achieving a straight and clean hole through the material. These types of bit are ideal for making holes in wood or plastic material.


Tile Bits


designed with a ground tungsten carbide tip, a tile bit is excellent for use when drilling on glass materials and ceramic tiles.


Forstner Bit


For creating holes at an angle, where the holes need to overlap or holes on the edges of material, the Forstner bit is a good choice. Since there is no central point this bit is an excellent tool for making flat-bottomed holes.


Flat Wood Bits


Flat wood drill bits are ideal when drilling large, flat-bottomed holes. A flat wood bit has a centre point and flat steel on both sides and is made in a range of sizes from 8 to 32 mm.


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