Why You Need a Tape Measure February 28 , 2017

Here's a list of why a tape measure is a must-have item for your toolbox:


1. Accuracy. Any grown-up knows that accurate measurements help save time. You need to know whether that new shelf fits your room before you end up purchasing it. Measure the exact dimensions of the shelf and the amount of free space you have, instead of making guesses or basing your purchasing decision on mere estimates. When it comes to measurements, never ever trust your imagination, or you might regret exceeding even just a few inches and you will have to repeat the process.


2. It has many uses. A measuring tape has endless practical uses. You can use the steel tape for measuring room dimensions when you need to buy a new piece of furniture, or for estimating if the furniture will fit through the door after you buy it. You can use one for measuring woodworking projects: is a twelve-foot birdhouse really reasonable? It's always great for measuring the length of your flower garden. Better yet, you can measure the amount of space you have available for your garden in order to learn how many plants you can have in it.


You can use the soft tape to measure the fabric for your new curtains or the length from the top of the window to the floor, to know whether your workout and diet are effective and whether you have trimmed a few inches off your waist and hips, or to make sure the pair of pants you bought as a surprise gift to your dad fits him perfectly. Indeed a tape measure can be used countless ways, and you will only realize this once that need arises!


3. It is affordable and has the potential to save you money. Measuring tapes are real money-savers, and not only because they don't cost a lot. If you have the right measuring tools, you can take on do- it-yourself projects and create things instead of just buying them from a store. You can sew your own skirt, which would fit you perfectly, instead of grabbing one off a store rack. Or you can build your dog a little house instead of paying somebody else to do the woodwork for you.


4. Along with a set of basic tools, a sturdy measuring tool makes a great gift for a college-bound teen, a newlywed couple, or anyone settling into their own digs. Sometimes practical gifts are the best.


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