Which is the best way and the best time to cut my hedge April 14 , 2017
    There are two factors for keeping your hedge plants cut- to create a eye catching view and also ensure that they develop properly. Hedging plants that are not trimmed occasionally could at times look bad and could also prevent light from reaching the lower sections of the plants. Remaining long enough, the hedges could create an eye sore and instead of making your home attractive, they may end up making it look quite bad.
    There are several techniques of cutting trees and shrubs with regards to the flower types used. For recently placed trees and shrubs some varieties such as blackthorn, hawthorn hedge and privet can be decreased to around 10cm soon after increasing. This makes sure that they will division from low down and creates wide official trees and shrubs. Most other deciduous vegetation are best decreased by around a third in the September after they have grown a little since at this time of the year, the conditions are very favorable. To keep a protect increasing largely the primary commanders of deciduous vegetation can be cut back in the following decades and the side launches shorter a little. The most crucial is to create the launches on the vegetation split regularly to give heavy development and this is best done by frequent cutting. In common the more frequent the cutting the more dense vegetation, the better the overall look which the plants will have. Once a protect has achieved the dimension you want the secret to success is to cut new development just outside the primary structure of the protect enabling a bit of new development to be maintained.
    Conifers are not normally cut until they have achieved the preferred dimension the protect. They can then be cut several times each increasing period if you have the a little. Along with privet and Lonicera Nitida (shrubby honeysuckle) Leyland cypresses create their best type if cut in overdue springtime, midsummer and September. Some other evergreens such as box, Lawson cypress and a wide range of other plants could do quite well , so you should be ready to have them trimmed at least once s since this is the only way that your home could be made look more attractive.
    There is other information to keep in mind. If you want the results in on your beech or hornbeam to remain on through winter period, which many people do to sustain a visible buffer, they should be cut in overdue summer season. Hedges of laurel, mom or other wide leaved proven vegetation should preferably be cut with secateurs. If you cut them with shears you will generate unappealing darkish sides on the cut results in. High official trees and shrubs should be cut to be a little broader at underneath than at the top. This prevents underneath becoming darkish, contributes to the balance of the protect ( some tall trees and shrubs such as Lonicera Nitida may begin to grow slender when they are more than 1.5m high) and decreases the chance of snowfall taking the protect apart.

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