What Things To Know To Read A Tape Measure August 24 , 2016

A tape measure is really an essential tool. It can be utilized in a lot of different jobs easily, which makes them extremely popular and useful. It works by using the same units of measurement that's basic with rulers. Usually, the tapes made these days will be double sided. One side of the tape will provide measurement that's in linear increments, while the other side will provide measurements in metric increments. In other words, one simple measuring tape can function anywhere on this planet. FORGE


You can find various kinds of tape measures on the market. Some are used to measure big areas like your room, roof, large areas that require a measuring tape that is durable. This is the type you can pull and let snap back after use. There are also ones that are made from softer material, which are utilized to measure fabric and is also intended for indoor use. No matter what measuring tape you use, an individual should know how to read a tape measure. It will require very minimal skill and all that you need to understand are the divisions you see on this particular tool. Listed below are what you need to fully understand for you to read a tape measure. contractors tape measure


Here is the way you read a tape measure: Step # 1: Pull out a length of your measuring tape beginning at the point in which you want to start measuring. If you are using a durable tape measure, you can lock it at the length where you stopped so you don't have to hold the length of tape down with your own fingers. Step # 2: The first thing you read from your measuring tape is the inches. Read or note down the nearest number to where you stopped. Step three: You then check out each of the half inch, quarter, and other lines on it and note them down until you get to the point in which you stopped.


Reading the Inches - The most obvious marks you will find on your tape measure are the ones for inches. They are the ones having the large numbers on your strip of tape. Each distance from one number to the next is exactly 1 inch. Reading the Half Inch Marks - If you read a measuring tape you will see that there are lines in between each number representing an inch. The lines are of various lengths and the tallest ones mark every half inch. These are generally in between every number for every inch on your tape measure. Quarter, Eighth, and Sixteenth Inch Marks - As you learn how to read a measuring tape, you will discover that there are more marks between the half inch and inch numbers. The next tallest ones are the quarter inch markers, then the eighth inch, and sixteenth inch markers. Every smaller fraction of an inch is marked with a shorter line.


Remember, if you are measuring huge spaces you may hook 1 end of the tape measure and pull the entire length back. You may also lay and read a tape measure on the ground. Most measuring tapes you will find will have the same unit of measurement.


A Tape Measure should always come in handy since it is a unique tool for the Construction and Industrial professional. Tape Measures are very flexible and permits one to measure around curves or corners.

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