What Are Gardening Shears September 06 , 2016

Taming and maintaining a yard or garden can be a difficult task without the use of powerful tools. Trees, grass, bushes and other plants are each best maintained using a different variation of tool. Caring for plants often requires users to carefully cut and prune branches in a way that is best for the plant's long term growth. This can only be accomplished by using the mechanical precision of a garden shear. Shears are similar to scissors in that they have two blades which cross each other to make a cut. Within the realm of yard shears are several different variations, each of which has a different use. Heavy duty hacksaw


Grass can grow rapidly, requiring constant maintenance to keep in line. Grass likes to grow around the edges of a lawn, growing in large bundles that can reduce a yard's appeal. Instead of breaking out the string trimmer every couple of days, a grass shear can be used. These shears feature a medium length set of blades which are very sharp. Many models have a long bar that has the blades at one end and the handle on the other, allowing users to stand up straight while using it. This adds comfort and increases usability of the tool. Junior Hacksaw


When a large tree needs to be trimmed, only the most heavy duty type of shear is used. Known as a bypass lopper, this tough shear provides the leverage needed to slice through even thick branches. Look at a bypass lopper you will notice that is has a very small cutting head and long handles. It is obvious that this small head would be useless in trimming a large bush, but that is not what it is meant to do. These long handles focus human strength into the small head for much focused power. Holesaw Set


Hedge shears are similar in appearance to grass ones but have longer blades. These shears are designed to cut large amounts of very thin plant material. These trimmers can make quick work out of hedges and bushes. They should not be used on thick material like tree branches, as the blades are too thin. Short handles and a long blade provide less leverage than a bypass lopper but can cut more material in less time. Always look for shears with rubber handles to provide maximum control while working. A blade lock is essential if children are present in the home. Mini Hacksaw


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