Tools of the Trade Saws September 30 , 2016

A hand saw is one of the standard tools used by handyman services. These are useful because they take advantage of the thickness of the blade in order to keep the material being cut still. Generally, handheld saws are used to cut plywood, but there are some that are used for cutting tougher material as well. Hacksaws for example are used to cut metal and feature much stronger blades than typical handheld saws. Electric hacksaws are also becoming more common, and while most are still stationary, many models can run off of electric motors.Holesaw Set


Handheld saws are not only classified by the material they cut, but by the way in which they cut as well. The design of a crosscut saw allows it to cut wood at a right angle perpendicular of the grain while a rip saw on the other hand has a cutting edge with a flattened front. By using this model, each tooth can cut straight lines easily, acting as miniature chisels when the saw is pushed. In contrast, a veneer saw is often used for precision cutting due to the fact that it is a double-edged saw. The thin curved blade makes cutting flush incredibly simple and this saw is often used for touch ups at the end of home improvement construction.Heavy duty hacksaw


Back saws are another type of class of saws that come in two main forms. The first is called a milter saw, used in order to make accurate miters and crosscuts. The manual milter saw models are placed in rollers in a metal guide that ensures precise cuts. However, most of these have been replaced by power milter saws, also referred to as drop saws or chop saws. Power milter saws use a circular blade to cut material and come with unique features such as laser guiding for accuracy and safety clamps to lock material in position before cutting it.Stubby Claw Hammer


The second type of back saw used for handyman services is the tenon saw (also known as a sash or Dovetail saw). This saw has teeth that are filed for both ripping and cross cutting material. Usually there are many teeth placed closely together on the blade in order to make straight cuts much faster as well as more accurate.bow saw


However, continuous band saws have become a common sight in the area of home improvement. While not typically portable in design, bandsaws are capable of evenly cutting material better than most other saws that are available. By implementing a blade made out of a continuous band of metal that has narrow teeth, cutting materials along the edge of the bandsaw is both fast and efficient. In most cases, a bandsaw is used in situations where an irregular or curved shape needs to be cut, but straight cuts are easy to make with the power tool as well. Different types of bands are available based on their width and flexibility since the radius of a curve for wood and metal materials used in handyman services varies.
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