Tools For Woodworks April 07 , 2017

Woodworking is an interesting hobby. To start off, you need the basic tools every woodworker has.


Many novice woodworkers think that wood working is an expensive type of hobby. You have to purchase a whole set of woodworking tools in order to start a project. However, for starters, there are only seven recommended woodworking tools a beginner must have. These tools are all affordable and easy to find in the market.


Circular saw is the first handheld power tool a neophyte woodworking enthusiast should have. It can substitute for other tools, making it the most basic and versatile of all the woodworking tools. Though it takes time and practice for a beginner to get used to it, it can manage a lot of cutting tasks quickly.


Try to get one with a higher horsepower. And if you are willing to invest, it is best to get the model with safety features. This is important especially to beginners who are not yet very skilled in handling woodwork tools.


Next on the list is a power drill. This tool can handle different drilling tasks. It is recommended that a beginner use the quality 3/8 inch corded version for his first drill.


Also get a jig saw. It is able to cut wood in a curved and circular pattern. If possible, choose the orbital action corded model. It is ergonomically friendly and convenient to operate. You can change the blades easily also.


And then there's the random orbital sander. This power tool is used for sanding wood. It reduces any sanding marks that may appear on the stock. Make sure the sander you will buy has a dust collection bag. It makes your workplace cleaner when you are doing your project.


Another essential possession is a table saw. These are tables especially made for woodworking. There is a blade that extends out of the surface to support the material being cut or worked on. This blade has a motor run on electricity, belt or gears.


A compound miter saw will also be very helpful to you. It is handy for any project requiring angled cuts in two planes. It has an electric motor attached on a swing arm. The arm turns to the left or right to make angled cuts.


Consider the blade size of the miter saw you plan to get. The longer the diameter of the blade, the longer cut it can make. Later on you will realize that a miter saw works better than a circular saw.


Last but not the least is your router. A quality stationary based model is already enough to take care of a number of tasks. It can be attached on a router table. In buying a router, go for at least a 2 horsepower model and with variable velocity.


Keep in mind that in starting out a hobby, careful not to be so engrossed in buying so many tools or materials that you might end up not having to use all of them. Always start with the basics. As you improve in the craft, you can always add on and upgrade your existing tools.

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