Proper Use of an Adjustable Spanner August 08 , 2016

A standard adjustable spanner replaces several fixed-jaw spanners.


There are 3 types of adjustable spanner that may be employed in loosening nuts, bolts and gripping objects. The most common and familiar style utilizes manual operation for the adjustments required. The slide style functions much more rapidly with only the motion of the thumb required operating and lastly and more conveniently the automatic one is powered by a battery. The great thing regarding these three types of spanner is that it eradicates the need for a full set of open-end or closed-end spanners which come in a variety of sizes, and saves valuable time space and money.


Difficulty: Easy




Standard Open End Spanner Set


Open up the jaws on the adjustable spanner by twisting the worm gear toward the jaws of the spanner.


Position your thumb on the gear and turn it forward. This movement engages the adjustable jaw so that it spreads out and makes a greater distance between the 2 jaws. Rotate as many revolutions as is essential to open the jaws greater than the object to be gripped.


Secure the spanner with the jaws fixed around the nut and hold the spanner in this position. You then turn the spanner gear towards the handle until the jaws clamp tightly on the nut.


Proceed to rotate the nut anticlockwise to undo it or clockwise to tighten up.


Twist the worm gear toward the jaws of the spanner to open the jaws and remove it from the nut or object.


Offset Ring Spanner Set


Slide the adjustable thumb knob toward the handle to widen the jaws of the spanner.


Position the spanner jaws around a nut or other object and slide the adjustment towards the jaws of the spanner to tighten them.


Twist the spanner anticlockwise to undo or clockwise to tighten up a nut.


Slide the thumb adjustment knob toward the handle to open up the jaws and free the nut.


Automatic Adjustable Spanner Wrench


Press the button in on the spanner with your thumb to widen the jaws without anything in between the jaws. The battery powered jaws will open up as widely as possible.


Position the spanner jaws around an object or nut and press the thumb button. The jaws will then proceed to automatically close tightly about the nut or bolt.


Rotate the nut clockwise to fasten it or anticlockwise to undo.


Push the thumb adjustment for the jaws to open up and let go of the object.


Tips & words of advice


If the worm gear on a standard adjustable spanner doesn't rotate very easily, spray it with a spray lubricant. Twist the worm gear to the full in either direction and loosen the worm gear.


All 3 types of adjustable spanners feature a fixed jaw and a movable jaw for grasping objects.


Adjustable spanners either come with straight handles or angled handles to help in reaching objects that are found to be in tightly confined or cramped areas.


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