How to Keep Your Saw Sharp & Clean September 12 , 2016

Hold your saw the right way.bow saw


The first step in keeping your saw in tip-top shape is to hold it the right way. Grab the handle with all of your fingers in the slot. Then take your index finger and point it straight out in front and against the handle. This will give your greater control of the saw and allow you to make straighter lines.


Remove resin from the blade


Some woods such as pines can cause a gummy buildup on the blades. This can make your saw blades dull. Spray oven cleaner on the blades in order to remove the resin. To prevent the buildup in the first place, apply silicone along the teeth. You can also try running a soap bar on them. This procedure is only for construction jobs and not for finished pieces.Side Cut Pliers


Keep your hacksaw clean


Cutting metals with a hacksaw will eventually lead to clogged teeth. This can be avoided by using a bigger toothed blade, keeping your strokes slow, and being gentle when pushing down on the saw.


How to tell if your saw is dull


Carefully inspect the teeth to see if there is wear on the cutting edges and if the points are rounded. You can get a close look by using a magnifying glass. If you have a dull blade, take it to a professional and have them resharpen it. Junior Hacksaw


Inexpensive way to cover your saw


Covering your saw is vital to making it last. If you have misplaced the store-bought cover, you can use an old garden hose with a slit down the middle. You can also use rigid foam, or slip on spines from a report cover as backup options. Mini Hacksaw

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