How to Fix Pipes in a Building January 16 , 2017

A pipe is used to convey liquids or gases into or out of the building. The types are mainly P.V.C pipes or mild steel pipes. They are located inside walls, ceilings, ducts, or exposed on the wall surfaces. The liquid to be conveyed determines the size and type of tubing to be used. When fixing, connections to the main supply and the utility feeding point are done. It is important to follow instructions of the manufacturer when joining pipes.Junior Hacksaw


Once pipes are installed, insulation is done at one inch clear of any adjacent surfaces. The same clearance should be given from one tube to another. It also important to allow for expansion and contraction of pipes. Precautions should be taken against any arising forces are no transmitted to the adjacent surfaces. Valves and operational equipment should be easily reachable to control the use of the pipe. this is important for all fluid carrying pipes.Heavy duty hacksaw


When fixing pipes on ceilings, roofs or roof structures it should be done with mild steel hangers. These should be cut and pinned to the building structures. Where more tubes are placed together, they are in positions that leave the lower surfaces at the same horizontal level. The support shall be arranged at equal intervals over the whole pipe length. The pipe diameter determines how far supports shall be placed. They should be maximum three feet.


Sleeves in piping are provide where they are passing through walls, solid floors or concrete structures. These allow movement of the tubes through this structures. When cutting, it is important to use a hacksaw or other cutting material. This should not injure the tube. It also should not reduce the diameter or form beads or feathers that restrict the flow of fluids. Before joining pipes, they must secured properly. Ensure all formed bends retain the original diameter.


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