Growing Significance of HSS Drill Bits June 20 , 2016

The High Speed Steel or the HSS drill bits are used for a variety of industrial applications. Compared to the ordinary high carbon steel bits, these steel tools are ingrained with a number of advanced properties. The High Speed Steel bits are resistant to scratches and tensile compared to the other bits. These bits are durable and used mainly for large scale production drilling.


Hss Drill Bits Important Features


The HSS bits include a number of advanced features and therefore it is used for a wide variety of purposes.


Heat resistant: It is also known to be heat resistant. These can be used to pierce holes in stainless steel quite easily. As it is resistive to heat, it can withstand the high temperatures infused during the process.


Tensile: The HSS bits are known to be the toughest bit that can be used to pierce different types of materials. It can be used efficiently on plastic, metal and wood. As it is made of chromium and carbon, it is known to be one of the toughest steel bits.


Iron content: These contain iron as its base metal. It also contains percentages of tungsten, chromium, carbon, cobalt and other elements. Chromium and carbon is mainly added to induce strength and robustness to the metal. Tungsten is also added to the drill bits to increase the hardness and the heat resistant capacity of the metal. In addition to tungsten, cobalt is also added to the metal bit to increase its heat resistance.


High speed: The HSS bits can be used effectively for high speed drilling processes. Compared to the carbon bits, these tools can perform efficiently as it is tensile and durable.


The HSS bits are available in different grades which include M1, M2 and M50. Among these varieties, the M1 HSS bit is the most expensive type of steel bit. Even though it is known to be the most expensive type of steel bit, it is quite fragile and is susceptible to breakage if used improperly. The M2 HSS bit is more flexible than the M1 steel bit as it contains molybdenum. The M50 bits are less expensive compared to the M1 steel bits. These steel bits are strong but soft compared to the M1 steel bits.


The HSS bits can be sharpened many times, compared to the other types, before it is replaced.


Popular Use of HSS bits


These are popularly used for various purposes. It is used in a number of tools and machineries. Compared to the ordinary carbon bits, these tools can withstand high temperature. It is considered to be more efficient than the ordinary one.


Different types of HSS bits are available in many of the online stores these days at affordable price rates. In comparison to the cobalt, the HSS are available at reasonable price rates. It is important to choose the right one before piercing materials as different types of materials require different types of tools and bitsFORGE


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