Getting To Know Your Wrench February 22 , 2017

For those not familiar with tools, you may find yourself asking what a wrench is. Well, a wrench is tool that is used to for gripping when trying to turn an object or a component. These components include nuts, bolts, and other types of rotating fasteners. The term wrench is an American standard term for this tool, but for the British the term is spanner. This tool is made from a durable material like the chromium-vanadium alloy. To resist corrosion wrenches are coated with chrome.


Like other tools, there are various types of wrenches. Knowing a few things can help you familiarize yourself with it.


Adjustable - this is probably one of the most popular types. You must see these in almost everyone's toolbox. This type has an adjustable jaw. To move the jaw you simply turn the knob beneath it. This is perfect in case you do not want to store a lot of wrenches.

Open-end wrench - this tool has a U-shaped end that can grip either ends of a nut and bolt. Open-ended wrenches are usually double-ended and each end has a different sized opening.

Box-end wrenches - this is a kind of wrench with an angled end. The ends are enclosed and fit perfectly on the faces of the nuts or bolts. The recesses or openings can have six points or twelve points that can fit nuts with hexagonal heads.

Combination - this type is actually a merging of a box-end and open-end wrench. One end has a U-shaped opening while the other end is enclosed. The ends may be different but the size is the same.


These are just some examples of the wrench you might have tucked away in your toolbox. However, the list does not stop there. There are numerous types of wrenches from general types to a more specific type.

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