Get Your Garden Tools Ready - 5 Indispensable Tools For Your Garden December 15 , 2016

Gardening is considered as one of the most relaxing and enjoyable leisure activities among all populations - unless you are Tarzan or if you don't have a garden - but can become awfully wearisome and frustrating if you don't equip yourself with the right kind of basic garden tools. There are just about half a dozen or so essential garden tools that can make all the difference between frustration and pleasure. And these days, with on-line shopping becoming a hot trend, you can pick up good quality products at affordable prices from websites offering great tool deals on garden implements.


Some must-have garden tools are: a pair each of pruning shears, lopping shears and hedge shears; a rake; a shovel; a hole digger; and some watering tools like water hose, nozzles, and watering can.


Pruning/Lopping/Hedge Shears: Shears, also known as clippers, are essential garden tools that are used for pruning, shaping and removing foliage or branches. A pair of pruning shears is used for light pruning of trees, shrubs and rose plants. For pruning thicker branches, larger shrubs and stocky stems, lopping shears are more suitable as they have longer handles and stronger blades. As the name suggests, hedge shears are used for trimming hedges. They have much longer blades, almost as long as the handles themselves.

Shovel and Hole Digger: A good shovel and hole digger can make digging fun. Many designs of shovels are available; go in for a design that serves your purpose and gives you a secure handgrip.

Rake: A rake is an indispensable garden tool that is used for gathering fallen leaves, cut grass, branches, hay, etc., as well as for loosening the soil, removing weeds and small stones, and leveling the soil. A big fan-style rake is ideal for removing fallen leaves and cut grass.

Garden Hose: A good quality water hose is a must-have if you want to make your gardening experience pleasurable. Choose a water hose that is at least 3 or 4 ply in thickness and has brass fittings. If convenient storage is a factor that is of prime importance to you, go for a coiled type of water hose. This is more expensive than the uncoiled type, but is really convenient to store and transport.

Watering Can and Nozzles: Choose a watering can with long nozzles that allows the water to come out gently and reach across long distances. A spray nozzle is good for watering young seedlings.

If you buy your garden tools online, you can get really good deals on tools that make your gardening experience a pleasure. If you're buying them offline from a store you're "shearing" your money - Well, it's your cash; you decide.

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