Gardening Tools for You June 30 , 2016

What makes a house more attractive is not the paint. But the well trimmed grass which grows around the yard and the sight of colorful flowers which beautifully blooms. Some consider plants as their pet; they talk to it, feed it and even spend some time with it. For them having a plant is like having a non talking friend. Not everyone could have a garden and if you are lucky to have one, you should take good care of it. And taking care of it means having the right tools to do the job. There are several tools which you would like to have to maintain a beautiful sight outside your homes:


1. Grass Shears- these special kinds of scissors are used to trim the edges of your lawn and cut the grasses which are not cut by lawn mowers


2. Lawn mower - this is a powerful tool which would definitely make your garden well-maintained. Its blades cut thoroughly into your grass making it evenly cut. It wouldn't take the whole day for you get the job done. With lawn mowers you could easily trim your grass without further hassle.


3. Pruning shears - this type of scissor is used cut and trim your shrubs, and are also strong enough to cut branches of trees in your garden.


4. Spades - this tool is used to remove dirt and help you dig a hole whenever you would like to plant some flowers in your garden. It would easily remove earth and dig a hole for you without getting your fingers dirty. Choosing a best spade is a good investment because it will definitely last for a gardening lifetime.


5. Transplanting Trowel - this is a perfect tool for digging small holes, mixing soils in a pot, planting container plants and digging out weeds. It should have a rubber grip to maintain a smooth gardening.


6. Rake - this are needed especially if you have tall trees in your garden. It serves its purpose by raking out fallen and dried leaves.


7. Sprinklers - of course, every plant needs watering. A sprinkler help your job becomes easy. It automatically waters your lawn and with just the right amount of water. You could both the automatic which is ideal for a wide lawns and a manual which could be used for your hanging and potted plants.


8. Hand cultivators - this hand tool is especially useful in removing small weeds and roughing up the soil for seeding.


9. Garden gloves - having garden gloves is important, aside from getting your hand getting dirty it would also prevent any finger cutting accident that may occur.


Gardening tools are generally invented to make gardening life easy and fun. So there is really no reason for you to not have one. With the right gardening tools, you could maintain your garden with not much effort and hassles.

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