Different Kinds of Metal Cutting Hand Saws April 28 , 2017

Hand saws are primarily used for cutting metal whether it is a soft metal or is a thin sheet. These hand tools are majorly used by jewelers, roofers and plumbers for various cutting purposes. However, if you are going to work on a specific metal cutting project, then it is very important to select the correct tool among various metal cutting hand saws in order to ensure maximum possible positive results.




A hacksaw comes with a blade and primarily used for cutting metal pipe or sheet metal. As far as the structure of this hand tool is concerned, it comes with an open frame and includes pins that are located at either end of the frame securing a thin, strip-like blade. Users can easily replace the blades when they get blunt. A pipe is cut when long, steady strokes are executed with sawing back and forth. They also come with machine oil that helps add lubrication in order to eliminate vibration.


Tri-fold Saw


A tri-fold saw is a fine compact folding saw that primarily serves the purpose of cutting fine metal using standard reciprocating saw blades. When you take an initiative for cutting wood, plaster or PVC, the metal blade gets switched out with other several types of blades. Like pocketknife, one can fold the blade of this saw. One can employ the blade in a straight position. One can also set the blade at an angle that is ideal for cutting something in a hard-to-reach place.


Jeweler's Saw


A jeweler's saw resembles the hacksaw in configuration. However, these hand saws are especially designed for cutting softer metals like copper. It is quite easy to adjust the length of jeweler's saw. It helps the users when they insert snapped blades or have to control the stroke length.


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