Choosing the Right Garden Tools November 22 , 2016

Gardening can be such a rewarding activity. The smell of the fresh soil, the joy of the first blossoms, eating a tomato fresh from the garden - there are so many things that make gardening worth the effort. But even with all the rewards, gardening can be a lot of work. If you have the right garden tools you can make your time in the garden more productive and easier to do!


There are a wide variety of tools available to gardeners, some are simple and others are fancy and complicated. You don't need all the fancy tools to create a great garden, although some of the high tech tools are nice to have! We will focus on the basic, easy to find garden tools that every gardener should have in their tool shed.


Garden Hoe. Believe it or not, you can find different shapes and sizes of garden hoes. A hoe is a workhorse when it comes to yard work. Not only can you remove weeds, but you can till and break up the soil as well as smooth out rough spots. A hoe is a must have for any gardener! Holesaw Set


Shovels - large and small. You should have a least two good shovels for your yard work. A large shovel or spade is good for digging new flower beds, mixing compost or other material into the soil, large digging jobs. A small shovel or trowel is perfect for planting small plants and bulbs or working the soil around plants. When you are choosing a shovel, make sure you get a high quality shovel that is built to last. They may cost a little more but when you figure how much you will use it the cost is worth it. In addition, a high quality shovel will last many years making your initial investment seem to be mere pennies. Long Handle shovel


Adjustable Hose Nozzle. When you are working in the yard, you may see areas that need extra water. An adjustable hose nozzle will allow you to easily spot water areas. You can adjust from a fine mist to a powerful spray - perfect for washing off dirty garden tools! Brass hose nozzles are durable, long lasting and relatively inexpensive.


Hand Cultivator. A cultivator will allow you to aerate and break up the soil in flower beds and around plants. Cultivators come in different styles, the most traditional being a three or four pronged claw type. You can buy cultivators with long handles or short. It is recommended to have one of each. The long handle version will allow you to work large areas while standing. The short handle is perfect for working close to plants and preparing the soil as you are planting bedding plants. Hand Cultivator


There are so many wonderful tools available to gardeners and you are sure to find your favorite. But if you start with these few basics you will be on your way to having the perfect garden tool box!


Piper is a freelance writer who enjoys fitness, good nutrition, and the outdoors. She loves to work the soil in her garden with her trusty hand tiller. She enjoys nature, reading and fitness. Piper reviews different garden cultivators on her website, so you can have a beautiful garden too!

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