Choosing the Best Garden Hose Connectors March 28 , 2017

When choosing a garden hose connector, quality can go a long way and save you years of frustration from leaks, kinks and other problems you might encounter in the long run. This is one garden accessory where paying extra and few careful considerations, it can actually save you money and last for years.


The main concern is durability. Garden hoses connector can be deceptively simple looking in appearance but if you put your attention to the some details, you can end up making an excellent choice based on its composition, connections and overall quality.


There are different types of garden hose connectors, depending on the application and design. The most common type is the one that connect a single hose to a faucet or to another hose. There is also a dual or four-way units can connect two or four hoses to another separate device. Some garden hose connector models have built-in valves to turn the water on or off others have their own features. They come in sets, which contain several different units to meet variety of needs. One of the most considerations is the size of the unit when choosing a garden hose connector. forge


Consider adding a quick release garden hose connectors to your hose so you don't have to constantly screw the hose's couplings on and off your water source. Quality connectors are very durable and don't leak. This will help you connecting your garden hose connectors to the main hose literally a snap. Most if not all brands of connectors are made of plastic but some are better than others. Always keep an eye to the quality of its composition. It has been proven that the cheaper variety have been known to leak, crack or break and often. They are not as easy to connect or disconnect as well. There are some that can be fitted with O-rings seal. If they do begin to leak a bit you simply change it.


Connector sizes are typically available based in American standard size. Internationally, hose connectors may be given using the standard or nominal size, this makes it easy to find the right connector for your hose. There are connectors that is measured using the actual diameter, so be sure to measure the outer diameter and the inner diameter of the hose when buying your connector. Garden hose connectors vary in multiple ways depending on each ones needs. There are tons of connectors available in the market. Be sure to choose wisely and ultimately go for the durability.

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