Burst Pipes Repair January 11 , 2017

Pressure burst pipes, frozen pipes that burst and any type of burst pipes repair can be done without too much difficulty if you have the right tools and know-how. Here are some basic repair steps and tips.FORGE


Site Prep

Begin by shutting off your water at faucets, stopcock, valves and water heating unit. Empty / drain out any excess water.

Then find the burst area or hole. Especially if the pipes are in a slanted position, the hole may not be right over top the water leakage puddle, as the water may have been running downhill from a break further up. So take time to thoroughly investigate the entire pipe.

If the burst is a tiny puncture or splice, you may be able to repair the damage with lengths of copper pipe that are threaded at the ends called proprietary slip on couplers. These can be found at store with plumbing supplies, so call ahead to make sure they have them first.

After you have your couplers, focus on the burst section once again. Go there and cut away the area with the burst or hole in it with a pipe slice, a pipe cutter or a hacksaw. Cut back until you reach a good rounded piping area once again to connect to with your new piece. You don't want to leave any of the misshapen damaged area behind or it will be weak in that spot in the future.

Once you've cut away the bad area, smooth areas left on the remaining good piping.

Then slide olives over the ends on the coupling and compress them (tuning the bolts and nuts in place) to seal the section.

If the burst area is larger, you may need to use a couple of small compression couplers, one on each side of the new area.

Push Fit

You could choose to use a push fit for your repair work instead. Check with your local plumbing supply center for this type push and fit package that works similar to the method above but is easier.


For more help, head to your local hardware center that also sell plumbing supplies. Also check with library books on burst pipes repair and check on Amazon.com, an online bookstore. Ebay, the largest online auction site, also offers a lot of plumbing supplies and books about burst pipes repair, so add them to your list.

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