Ball Peen Hammers and Its Uses November 07 , 2016

Ball peen hammers are the type of hammers which has two ends. One end of the hammer is shaped like a ball where as the other end has the shape of an ordinary hammer. The handle of these hammers are usually made of fiberglass, wood or metal and appears similar to the handle of an ordinary hammer. These are also known as engineers or machinist hammer. Unlike the ordinary, the head of these hammers are quite hard and seldom breaks on contact. Ball peen hammers weight differently and are used for various purposes.

The Most Important Uses of These Hammers

There were originally used to peen metals to obtain flexible joints. Today these are widely used for expanding and softening metals to obtain required shapes. It is also used for flattening, shaping and removing dents in metal parts including automobile parts as the tool is quite hard and hefty.FORGE

In the earlier days, the ball peen hammers were used to manufacture different types of swords and knives. Today the uses of these have varied. It is used to strike and shape metals. It is considered to be one of the most important tools used in the field of metal fabrication. These are also used for striking punches and chisels.

Different types of hammers can be bought from many of the online stores at affordable price rates. A variety of peening hammers are available today at different prices. Some of the most common varieties of peening hammers include the straight peen, cross peen and the ball peen.

Although it is a common tool used by most of the engineers and mechanist, it is also popularly used by blacksmiths to shape metals. It is used by the blacksmiths to manufacture knives and swords.Stubby Claw Hammer

Used For Riveting Jobs

These are ideal in riveting process as it is requires an efficient tool that can bend the soft metal inside the hole of the metal sheet. The joints formed by riveting are seldom separated when it is formed by using ball peen hammers. Strong structures can be built with the help of these hammers.

These are mostly used for riveting jobs. For the process of setting rivets in metals, the peen hammers are considered to be one of the best tools. A soft metal nail is driven into sheets of metals to join them together. This process is known as riveting. Riveting is also done on metal sheets apart from welding to permanently join metal sheets.Machinist's Hammer

Today however, these are being replaced by power tools that perform the same functions quickly and effortlessly. But the efficiency and the demand of these hand-tools have seldom diminished with the arrival of power tools. These are still used by a large number of mechanist to clear the dents in cars and metallic objects. It is still used by blacksmiths to make sharp knives. Moreover, as these tools are easily available from online stores, most of the people prefer to use them.

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