5 Ways to Care For Your Hammer August 19 , 2016

1. Sharpen the claws


The back of your hammer will eventually need restoring as well. You can smooth the inside edges and the ends of the hammer with a flat metal file. You can also deepen the V shape of the hammer by using a triangular file. Grass Shears


2. Restore your hammer's face


Over time, hammers become gouged and nicked by repeat use. This will happen even with high quality hammers. You can repair your hammers face by smoothing it with a file. When filing down the face, make sure to leave the outer edges beveled. This will prevent hammer marks from forming on your work. Hedge Shears


3. How to clean the face of your hammer


When using nails that are cement coated you might begin to notice that you are bending the nails. This is caused when cement sticks on the face of your hammer. You can clean the face of your hammer by rubbing it with steel wool or sandpaper. Lopping Shears


4. Create a hammer holder


To create a convenient way to carry your hammer, drill two holes into a one and a half inch PVC coupling and thread a string through the holes. Slide the coupling up the handle of the hammer and you can now carry the hammer with the string.


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5. How to restore hammer handles


In order to repair a loose hammer handle, you can place it into a cup of linseed oil and let it soak for about an hour. This will create a snug fit by making the wood fibers swell. If you have a cracked or broke handle, you will need to have it replaced. Do this by first shaping the new handle to fit. After fitting the handle, coat it with epoxy and insert it into the head of the hammer. Set the hammer aside and let the epoxy cure for a day or so.


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