3 Simple Tips For Buying the Best Garden Hose May 22 , 2017

For anyone who is planning on having a garden, the importance of having a good quality garden hose to water shrubs and plants is well known. But, if this is your first time buying a garden hose there are a few things you need to know to get the best possible product for your money.


A garden hose may look very simple, but there is actually quite a bit of work required to manufacture a quality one. So what exactly should you look for when you buy a new hose?


Consider the length that you need


The first requirement of the garden hose you purchase should be the length. Hoses come in a variety of lengths and many times people overlook the importance of measuring the distance they will need to cover from the water spout to the farthest point in their garden. Choosing one that is less expensive, but does not give you the ability to water the entire area comfortably is not a bargain at all. It is much better to purchase one that is longer than you need than one that is shorter.


Think in terms of durability


The construction of a garden hose will determine its durability in use. If you purchase one that is well constructed, it can give you many years of service without problems. As you go through the selection process you should look at those which are made with brass connectors. These will never rust or rot, give you the highest level of leak control and are sturdy enough to be used every day. Garden hoses with good burst strength can be made of six-ply rubber which are good, but eight-ply rubber hoses are ideal.


Another important feature that is always nice to have in a hose are 6 inch kink guards. Just as the name implies, a kink guard prevents your hose from becoming tangled or "kinking" when it's pulled from the water spigot.


Quality materials


Because this is an item that you will use on a regular basis you will want it to last for many years. It makes sense to spend a little extra money to ensure that you get a good quality product. Although the price depends on where and when you purchase, generally you can expect to spend about $35 for 50 foot hoses that are usable for approximately seven years.


The problem with cheap garden hoses is that they are poorly constructed; they constantly leak, kink up or cause other problems. This makes your gardening tasks more tedious than necessary and more than likely you will find yourself at the store buying another one next year.


Once you have selected one that you want to purchase you should also consider how you will store it when it's not in use. A garden hose reel is an ideal way to keep the hose in perfect working order when you need to use it and conveniently stored out of the way when the work is done.


Remember these tips when you need to buy your next hose. They can save you some money as well as a lot of frustration around your home.


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