The Second-Stage Clinker Line of 1MT Cement Construction Project of Mongolia Achieved Successful Ignition Jul 18, 2016

Source: CTIEC

Date: June 13, 2016

The second-stage clinker line cement construction project ofMongolia, with an annual output of 1 million tons of cement production and contracted by China Triumph International Engineering Co., was successfully ignited according to the plan on June, 10th.

As an important step in the overall construction in Mongolia project, the successful ignition of the second stage of the project indicates that the project will officially enter the stage of overall and regular production. This is a pilot project for the Belt and Road initiative and “Going Global” strategy of China’s building materials industry. The successful construction and the operation of the project will not only lay a solid basis for the global development of building materials and cement industries, but also promote the building materials industry and the local economic development in Mongolia. 

The project construction suffered from low temperature, extreme coldness and blizzard and other extreme weather that occur only once-in-a-century in Mongolia since its inception. In March, the local temperature was still below 30 degrees, creating a major obstacle for the project construction. Meanwhile, since this year is the election year of the Mongolia, complex local political environment led to the difficulties in ensuring the progress of the project construction. Faced with obstacles such as the huge remaining engineering quantity, restricted work visa, more than 1/3 shortage of the planned staff and delayed work resumption of more than a month, the project department reasonably makes full use of local labor resources through wise staff deployment and prioritizing key routes and shift work. After painstaking efforts, the goal set up by China United Cement Co., of “ensuring the long-term and steady operation through one-off ignition” was realized successfully.

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