Dealing exclusively in fastening&fixing tools for almost 20 years.

We can supply full range of fastening and fixing tools, including screwdriverskeys, stable guns, glue sticks, staples, rivets, and grommets. Forge fastener tools are constructed for durability, comfort, and strength. Forge fixing tools for steel partition wall profiles are time saving and make construction work easy - Steel is lightweight but has great bearing capacity.

Lots of experiences in import and export, we can provide professional service, such as container consolidation service if you need.

Competitive price, free samples, reliable quality, immediate stock availability and short leading time.

We can provide rapid delivery worldwide and no MOQ requirement.

  • 10MM Staples Wholesale Price
    10MM Staples
      11.3mm Crown & 1.2mm Wire Compatible with   Arrow T50   Rapid 140   Sure Bonder No.4   Esco S - 500 Code Barcode Packaging Shipper Qty Size FHT0006 9328675029746 Color box 120 BOXes 6MM 1000pcs FHT0008 9328675029753 Color box 120 BOXes 8MM 1000pcs FHT0010 9328675029760 Color box 120 BOXes 10MM 1000pcs FHT0012 9328675029777 Color box 120 BOXes 12MM 1000pcs
  • Hand Riveter Wholesale Price
    Hand Riveter
      Product Information Materials:Iron riveter,  Baking finished surface, Yellow rubber handles Weight:Entire weight 600g Quality:10" hand riveter,   Iron (iron thickness: 2mm),   Baking finished surface, Yellow PVC rubber grips Finish / Color:Black dark-figured baking finish, Yellow PVC rubber handles Size Details:Four jaws: 2.4mm(3、32");3.2mm(1、8");4mm5、32");                                             4.8mm (3/16") Code Barcode Packaging Shipper Qty Size TFR0005 9328675023744 Double Blister 24 EACH 250MM (10")
  • Hand Riveter Long Arm Wholesale Price
    Hand Riveter Long Arm
      Industrial Compund Action Riveter   High Leverage Long Tubular Steel Handles   Comes with Jaws for 2.4(3/32"), 3.2(1/8"), 4.0(5/32") or  4.8mm(3/16") Rivets   Fit aluminum alloy stainless steel or steel blind rivets   Spring action handles with rubber grips Code Barcode Packaging Shipper Qty Size TFR0008 9328675023775 Color box 12 EACH 460MM(18“)
  • Aluminium Rivets Wholesale Price
    Aluminium Rivets
    Aluminum rivets with steel mandrel Domenhead design Code Barcode Packaging Shipper Qty Size FHR0003 9328675028824 Double Blister 60 BOXes 3.2MM(1/8")x3.2MM(1/8")PK200 FHR0006 9328675028831 Double Blister 60 BOXes 3.2MM(1/8")x4.8MM(3/16")PK200 FHR0009 9328675028848 Double Blister 60 BOXes 3.2MM(1/8")x6.4MM(1/4")PK200 FHR0012 9328675028855 Double Blister 60 BOXes 3.2MM(1/8")x8MM(5/16")PK200 FHR0015 9328675028862 Double Blister 60 BOXes 4.0MM(5/32")x3.2MM(1/8")PK150 FHR0018 9328675028879 Double Blister 60 BOXes 4.0MM(5/32")x4.8MM(3/16")PK150 FHR0021 9328675028886 Double Blister 60 BOXes 4.0MM(5/32")x6.4MM(1/4")PK150 FHR0024 9328675028893 Double Blister 60 BOXes 4.0MM(5/32")x8MM(5/16")PK150 FHR0027 9328675028909 Double Blister 60 BOXes 4.8MM(3/16")x3.2MM(1/8")PK100 FHR0030 9328675028916 Double Blister 60 BOXes 4.8MM(3/16")x4.8MM(3/16")PK100 FHR0033 9328675028923 Double Blister 60 BOXes 4.8MM(3/16")x6.4MM(1/4")PK100 FHR0036 9328675028930 Double Blister 60 BOXes 4.8MM(3/16")x8MM(5/16")PK100 FHR0039 9328675028947 Double Blister 60 BOXes 4.8MM(3/16")x9.6MM(3/8")PK100 FHR0042 9328675028954 Double Blister 60 BOXes 4.8MM(3/16")x12.7MM(1/2")PK100  
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