Brand Forge was set up in 2000 by CNBMI Australia (now called BND Australia) based on the huge market potential in Australia. According to the demand of hand tools, Australia professional team concentrated on products development , includes the design of exterior and packaging and so on. All the products were sourced from China and handled by senior buyer.

The name of our brand “Forge”, means all the tools we sold experience thoroughly tempered and reach to the top condition. Forge tools is devoted to making professional quality tools affordable.

From the beginning ,Forge tools was becoming well-sold gradually, including hand tools, garden tools, power tools accessories and safety products, have been highly accredited by distributors and customers for its high quality and competitive price in market of Australia, the USA and South Pacific nations.

In 2005, Forge tools set up a warehouse to keeps inventories in order to exploit the international market. So that Forge tools could provide rapid delivery worldwide and discharge MQO requirement, more and more customers could get to use Forge tools.

Full range of hand tools, professional service, make your work more effective, this is why you could choose Forge tools.

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